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Value of Paint Protection: Durability, Cost Efficiency

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the primary issues that you’re protecting your vehicle against by installing paint protection film, or PFF. These and related products, such as clear bras and ceramic coatings, are ideal for protecting your car from several potential risks, from day-to-day areas to those you may experience in special situations.

At Pro Tint Utah, we’re happy to offer a variety of paint protection film installations for any of our clients. We’re also here to work with you in terms of basic questions like whether PFF will be a worthwhile product installation for your vehicle, the kinds of risks your car frequently faces and several related areas. What are some of the other reasons our clients commonly choose to install PFF, and how will we help you determine if this is the right move for you? Here are some basics.

General Durability

Another great form of value you receive from paint protection film is simply how long it lasts, especially if you take basic care of it. Most PFF is known to continue protecting your vehicle for several years and as long as a decade with proper maintenance, and as we noted in part one, many of these products even self-heal themselves for minor forms of damage.

This means that for the better part of a decade, you aren’t dealing with chips, cracks, scratches or other surface and paint damage. Simple peace-of-mind is a major factor for many vehicle owners, and PFF offers it in some pretty robust ways.

Accounting for the Unknown

While we’ve gone over a half-dozen ways PFF helps protect your vehicle here, we’ve only touched on the tip of the iceberg in terms of potential risks to your car’s paint and surface. Especially for those who drive in new places regularly, but even for those who don’t, you never know what’s around the corner – having strong paint protection in case of any kind of unique threat is enormously beneficial, especially if you value paint quality as a primary care factor for your vehicle. There are even some threats or risks you may not have thought of that PFF will protect you from.

Determining PFF Cost Efficiency

There are a couple factors to use to determine whether installing PFF is the right move for you:

  • Value of appearance: The fist is a very personal variable – how much do you value paint and car appearance? Those who consider it a top priority should always install PFF, while others may be in between.
  • Prevention vs repairs: In most cases, for high-value vehicles, protection is much more affordable than repairs for the same ki8nds of issues – if your vehicle is even somewhat new, PFF is a far more affordable cost than repairing scratches or other damage it prevents.
  • Highway driving frequency: If you drive more often on the highway, you’ll be more exposed to paint damage risks and may consider PFF more strongly than someone who doesn’t drive on highways often.

For more on the value of PFF and when it’s a viable choice for you, or to learn about any of our window tint, paint protection or other services, speak to the staff at Pro Tint Utah today.