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window tint health benefits immune

Window Tint Health Benefits: Skin Cancer Prevention, Immune Boost

There are many possible benefits to getting your vehicle’s windows tinted, possibly including some you weren’t even aware of. Did you realize, for instance, that tinting your car’s windows actually comes with several notable health benefits to many people?

It’s true, and at Pro Tint, we’re happy to provide the best window tinting and related services for clients throughout Utah. While most people consider window tint for some combination of improved aesthetics and vehicle protection, the personal health benefits

window tint types dyed ceramic

West Valley City Window Tint Types: Dyed and Ceramic Tint

If you’ve decided to add window tinting to your vehicle, you’ve made a great choice that will benefit not only your car’s aesthetics, but also its protection level from the sun and other elements. You also have a few more important decisions to make about your precise tint, and one of these involves the specific type of tint you’ll be utilizing.

At Pro Tint, we’re happy to offer our West Valley City and nearby clients the very best window tinting

ceramic coating value durability

Ceramic Coating Value: Durability, Stain Protection, Value

In part one of this two-part blog series, we looked at some of the primary benefits that come with applying a ceramic coating to your vehicle. Ceramic is one of a few forms of paint protection that may be used depending on your needs, involving a liquid polymer and nano ceramic materials that are meant to provide protection from a few different possible threats.

At Pro Tint, we happily offer a whole suite of paint protection services to our clients

Ceramic Coating Value: UV Protection, Easy Cleaning, Cost Efficiency

There are a few products out there that provide incredible protection and aesthetic improvements to vehicles, and the ceramic coating is at or near the top of any such list. For those looking to keep their car sparkly and shiny at all times, plus easy to clean and protected from certain specific damage risks, this form of protection is as good as it gets on today’s market.

At Pro Tint, we’re proud to offer several different paint protection and related

professional tint DIY kits

Professional SLC Tint Over DIY Kits: Time, Money, Service, Value

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on why it pays to go with professional window tinting services rather than DIY kits. While there are certain areas of our world where do-it-yourself projects are entirely realistic and will save you both time and money, tinting your vehicle’s windows is simply not one of these – for several reasons.

At Pro Tint, we’re proud to offer the best window tinting services

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