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Value of Paint Protection: Chip and Scratch Protection, Self-Healing

There are several decisions you might be faced with when it comes to protecting your vehicle, and one is whether to use paint protection. There are many car owners for whom quality paint protection film (PPF) and related products like clear bras and ceramic coatings will be enormously beneficial and easily worth their cost of installation, but also some others who will need to consider whether this theme is worth the cost they’ll pay.

At Pro Tint Utah, we’re here to help. We offer several varieties of paint protection in addition to our window tint and other services, and we’re also happy to assist clients who are deliberating on a paint protection installation and trying to determine if it’s the right move for them. We’ll inform you on everything from our basic costs to the long-term expectations you receive from any of our products, plus will listen to your needs and explain which of our solutions is best for them. This two-part blog series will go over some basics on PPF and its beneficial characteristics, plus help you determine whether it’s ideal for your needs.

PPF Basics

Using PPF specifically as our example, this is an invisible film that creates a glossy, cover-all coat on your vehicle. It blocks various kinds of damage that might take place, with areas like mirrors, door handles and others serving as some of those that often require the most protection. However, said protection can be applied virtually anywhere you want it, including on bumpers, fenders, rocker panels or basically any other surface of your vehicle.

Paint protection is valuable not only for aesthetics, but also practical purposes. Not only will damage look bad, it often impacts the actual driving or related quality factors of the vehicle – but paint protection stops it from happening.

Our next several sections will go over some common issues paint protection helps block; if you experience any of these regularly, the chances of PPF being worth it for you go up.

Rock Chip Issues

If you regularly do long drives on highways with heavy truck traffic, regularly drive off-road or even if you’ve simply had rock chip issues in the past you want to avoid, paint protection is hugely valuable. It’s one of the single best forms of protection against rock chip threats of varying sizes.

Self-Healing Capabilities

Many PPF products have the ability to self-heal, or regrow based on chemical makeup. If damage takes place to the film, it’s often able to remedy this without any maintenance whatsoever. It also naturally resists many levels of pressure.

Resisting Scratches

Another major benefit of paint protection is blocking scratches, which are a common concern for some vehicle owners. Whether you commonly park in a narrow parking lot where scratches happen more often, have kids or pets who risk scratches, or are in any other situation where paint scratching is common, considering paint protection is a valuable pursuit.

For more on situations where paint protection is often worth it for the buyer, or to learn about any of our paint protection, window tinting or other services, speak to the staff at Pro Tint Utah today.