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Window Tint Benefits for Commercial Vehicles, Part 1

While most tend to think of window tinting as something that’s done primarily for personal vehicles, it’s also an area that holds several benefits for commercial vehicles. Federal law allows for tinting of windshields and side windows on commercial motor vehicles, and companies who own and operate these vehicles often will utilize these laws to add a tint for several specific reasons.

At Pro Tint Utah, we’re happy to provide window tinting services to a variety of vehicle types, from personal vehicles to commercial options as well. There are numerous benefits of window tinting for companies and other commercial needs – this two-part blog series will look into many of them and help inform business owners and managers of the potential plusses of obtaining this service.

Cooling Benefits

First and foremost, as we’ve gone over in this space previously, window tint is a huge asset for cooling down vehicles, particularly during the hot summer we’re currently in. And for companies with many commercial vehicles on the road, these sorts of benefits add up quickly.

Consider a commercial vehicle driver with tinted windows compared to one without. The former driver will require less time to cool the vehicle when starting it after a period of inactivity, while the latter will have to wait longer and use more energy to cool the vehicle down because it’s become far hotter. Now multiply the potential energy benefits by hundreds of such occasions per year, plus by the number of commercial vehicles you have on the road – you can see how the financial benefits of tint will begin to pile up in a hurry.

Equipment Damage

Down similar lines, heat from the sun can even damage certain pieces of equipment inside vehicles. Plastic products are at risk in sweltering heat, for instance, and some metal products can also be damaged. Window tinting keeps vehicles cooler, however, and never allows certain pieces of equipment to reach temperatures that put them at risk, which is a big benefit for their owners.

Visual Security

Commercial vehicles may contain expensive equipment in some cases, and tint is an extra layer of security to protect from burglary or related issues. Some burglars will look inside various vehicles when deciding which to try and break into – tint will stop them from being able to see precisely what’s inside your commercial truck or van.

Glare Reduction

On top of cost benefits, window and windshield tint make the driving experience safer for many commercial drivers. They reduce glare on or around the road, allowing drivers to see conditions more clearly and reducing accidents or related concerns.

For more on the benefits of window tinting in commercial vehicles, or to learn about any of our window tinting, paint protection or related services, speak to the staff at Pro Tint Utah today.