paint protection film basics

Paint Protection Film Basics and Variables, Part 1

Vehicle aesthetics and exterior qualities are extremely important to many owners for both personal and long-term value reasons, and paint protection methods are a major resource available to those who place big value on this area. A vital way to keep your car in mint condition, paint protection – known more directly as paint protection film in many circles – keeps paint and other exterior areas looking pristine for years.

At Pro Tint Utah, we’re proud to offer high-quality paint protection film installation to any client in need, from Clear Bra products to several other paint protection varieties. What exactly does this area encompass, and what are some of the important variables (cost, longevity, maintenance) you should be keeping in mind when considering paint protection film? This two-part blog will go over several variables to keep in mind.

Paint Protection Film Basics and Terms

Generally speaking, paint protection is a relatively broad area. It can include a wide variety of products and terms, including ceramic coating and Clear Bra products but also including standard wax and others.

At Pro Tint Utah, we’re happy to primarily offer ceramic coatings and advanced Clear Bra products that provide excellent protection. Our ceramic coatings, for instance, involve liquid polymer nano ceramics that are applied by hand, creating extremely strong protection that not only block against physical damage, but also UV rays and oxidation. And of course, our products make your vehicle look fantastic and make it much easier to clean.

Similar Products

As we noted above, “paint protection” is a broad term that may include a few other products besides those we offer. Some of the primary products here are various forms of car wax, including carnauba wax – while this wax can provide a decent shell for some vehicles, it does not offer the same overall level of protection.

Down similar lines are paint sealant products, which often include wax plus other synthetic enhancements. Again, while these provide decent protection for a certain length of time, they are nowhere near as robust as true paint protection film and will require significant maintenance and re-application to keep them viable. Over time, such variables often lead to heavy cost burdens as well.

Cost Variables

What will paint protection film cost, and is it worth it? There are a few factors that will dictate the cost of paint protection film for your vehicle:

  • Condition: If your car already has several cracks or other damage points, these need to be corrected before film is applied, which will impact cost.
  • Smoothness vs. curves: Smoother vehicles are much easier to apply film to – those with odd shapes or curves make it harder, and installation may be more expensive.
  • Coverage area: Do you want to cover the entire vehicle, or just vulnerable paint areas? The larger surface area covered, the more expensive installation will be.

Luckily, even higher-cost paint protection film installations tend to come with great ROI by allowing you to avoid numerous costly issues down the line.

For more on paint protection film, or to learn about any of our window tinting or other services, speak to the staff at Pro Tint Utah today.