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Window Tint Benefits for Commercial Vehicles, Part 2

Tuesday, September 8th, 2020

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on why owners or managers of commercial vehicle fleets should strongly consider tinting their windows. There are several practical value-add areas associated with window tinting for commercial vehicles, whether you own a single such vehicle or an entire widespread fleet.

At Pro Tint Utah, we’re happy to provide car window tinting services for a wide variety of vehicles and specific needs, including commercial vehicles. The potential benefits of such tinting for commercial vehicles are so vast, in fact, that we needed a second blog entry just to get through all of them. Here are a few other reasons why you should strongly consider window tint for your commercial fleet.

Reduced Upholstery Fading

If you’ve been an owner or manager of a commercial fleet for some time, chances are you’ve seen upholstery damage due to sun issues. Faded seats are a common problem for older vehicles due to this issue, including issues so severe that performance is actually impacted.

Window tinting, however, prevents these risks. It stops direct beams of sunlight from bleaching seat upholstery, allowing vehicles to retain both their use and resale value.

General Comfort

Both in terms of your drivers and any passengers who may spend time in your company vehicles, window tint is also highly valuable for basic comfort. Drivers will see more clearly and have to wear sunglasses less often, allowing for a safer and more comfortable ride.

Passengers will also benefit greatly, enjoying travel without baking and squinting in the sun. This is especially valuable for companies that commonly drive clients to and from destinations.

Glass Protection

Window tinting also offers a safety value in the form of glass protection. Window tinting is actually a thin plastic film applied to the glass, which is intended to block out the sun – but also acts as shatter protection. If glass breakage does take place during an accident or collision, the pieces will stick to the window film instead of shattering all over the place and risking injury to vehicle occupants.

Fleet Aesthetics

Finally, commercial businesses who employ vehicle fleets want to look professional and enticing while on the road. If your vehicles look sleek and stylish while being driven around in public, this will leave an impression with prospective clients – they’ll view you as modern and willing to go above the bare minimum for your clients and employees alike. This will be reflected in your new business acquisitions, even if it takes a few months for the effect to show up.

For more on the benefits of window tint in commercial vehicles, or to learn about any of our vehicle tint, paint protection or other services, speak to the staff at Pro Tint Utah today.