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Window Tint Care: Importance and General Tips

If you’ve recently had your vehicle’s windows tinted, congratulations! You’re bringing your vehicle several major benefits, from sun and heat reduction to visual security, plus improving its aesthetic and style in a sleek, modern and long-lasting way. Now it’s time to properly care for these windows.

At Pro Tint Utah, we’re here to offer not only quality window tint options like our Nano Ceramic film and many others, but also expertise on the long-term care and upkeep of our window tint materials. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over why window tint care is important in the first place, plus the general tips we offer our clients on how to keep your tinted windows in great shape for years into the future.

Why Care Matters

There are several reasons why basic upkeep of your window tint is important, from the maintenance of its aesthetic to its practical value. Perhaps the single most important, though: Your warranty.

There are a couple warranty types to consider here. One is the overall vehicle warranty, which can be voided in several ways – in some cases, this includes poorly-cared-for window tint areas that have created damage or related issues. Another is the warranty that may come with your actual window tint; in nearly all such cases, this warranty will be voided if the windows are not cared for in the proper ways.

General Use

Our first basic tip for the care of tinted windows revolves around their general use and how they sit when the vehicle is not being used. The primary piece of advice we give to our clients here: Especially during the first few days after the tint has been installed, but then even beyond this period, we recommend keeping tinted windows rolled up.

This is because risks of peeling tint are higher when windows are rolled down – particularly for new tint, there may be a small risk of the tint peeling off if you roll down the windows too soon. Just in general, though, keeping them rolled up anytime you park the car is ideal for both their long-term durability and areas like visual car security.

Curing Time

Another important area for the immediate aftermath of your tint installation: Wait at least a few days before you clean the windows or take the vehicle to the car wash. This is because tinting film needs some time to cure, and washing the windows before this happens may lead to damage or other concerns. To be as safe as possible here, you might want to wait as long as a week before you wash the vehicle yourself or take it to the car wash.

For more on how to care for and protect window tint film on your vehicle, or to learn about any of our window tint services, paint protection solutions or other programs, speak to the staff at Pro Tint Utah today.