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How Window Tint Helps Protect Vehicle Leather

There are several reasons vehicle owners are commonly looking to protect their car’s interior from the sun, and those with leather interiors have yet another such reason. Sunlight will have a direct negative impact on leather fabric over time, and protecting from this damage is one significant piece of any such car owner’s maintenance routine.

At Pro Tint Utah, we’re happy to offer a wide range of window tint options, including our nano ceramic tint solutions, to assist vehicle owners with several specific needs, from style improvements to protection from heat and the sun. How do UV rays and leather interact, how does window tint help limit the risks here, and what are some additional protection methods to take for a vehicle with leather interior that’s often parked outdoors? Here’s a primer.

UV Rays and Leather

The problems with UV rays and leather are twofold: The impact of the rays themselves, and the effects of the heat. In the former area, too much UV light will cause leather to begin to fade over time, losing it’s beautiful aesthetic until it’s only showing a shadow of its previous rich color.

Meanwhile, as your car sits in the hot sun, this heat draws moisture out of your leather fabric. This leads to the leather cracking and warping – this won’t happen in a single day or even a week, but long-term exposure of this sort will absolutely lead to dull, aged-looking leather that’s not only less appealing, but also lowers your vehicle value if you ever look to sell or trade-in.

How Window Tint Helps

Window tint, however, protects against both the risks we went over above. This protective film is virtually invisible, but darkens the windows and keeps UV rays at bay – in fact, it blocks upwards of 99% of all such rays, completely stopping them from fading your leather.

Window tint also blocks 50% or more of incoming heat, even when in the dead of the Utah desert summer. This reduces the drying-out effect of heat on leather.

Other Protection Methods

Now, because some level of heat is still able to make it in through a window tint, those who regularly park their vehicles outdoors during warmer months should take some extra precautions on top of tint:

  • Park in the shade whenever possible
  • Purchase quality car and/or seat covers for additional protection
  • If you drive a convertible, never park it in the sun with the top down
  • Use high-quality leather conditioner on your leather seats regularly, both for UV protection and other basic damage prevention – and increase frequency here during summer
  • Clean leather seats regularly

For more on how window tint helps you avoid leather damage in your vehicle, or to learn about any of our window tint, paint protection or other vehicle services, speak to the staff at Pro Tint Utah today.