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Car Wraps

For the most professional, long-lasting vinyl car wraps in Salt Lake City, call on the experts at Pro Tint.

We are known throughout northern Utah for our exceptional quality and fair, transparent pricing. If your vehicle’s interior or exterior is a little tired or dull – of you would simply like to change things up a little – our affordable car wrapping services are exactly what you need.

Why spend a fortune on a new paint job or interior trim replacement when we can give you outstanding results for a fraction of the price?

red vinyl wrap

Exterior Vinyl Vehicle Wrapping

Vinyl wraps are an outstanding alternative to having your car painted – and no one can tell the difference. Faster and much less expensive than a paint job, you can customize your car’s exterior finish any way you like.

We use some of the most advanced techniques and high-tech materials from 3M to produce outstanding results. Every application is customized to your vehicle, providing seamless results and an affordable, hassle-free alternative to paint.

Exterior vehicle wraps protect your car’s finish and preserve its value. Although you can remove and replace your vinyl vehicle wrap at any time, it will retain its like-new appearance potentially for years.

Interior Vinyl Car Wraps

Did you know we can also install vinyl car wraps to your vehicle’s interior?

With our carbon, brushed metal and other innovative vinyl wrap colors, you can skip replacing your interior trim and get it wrapped instead. You can choose from a wide variety of colors, textures, patterns or, if you prefer, you can design your own and we will create it for you.

We can apply vinyl to virtually any solid interior surface of your vehicle. You can design a color scheme for your dash, instrument panel, steering wheel, door panels, console and more.

Just as an exterior vehicle wrap protects your vehicle’s paint finish, interior wrapping can preserve trim surfaces. With virtually unlimited color, texture and finish options, you can create a look that’s truly unique as well as affordable.

Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap

Pro Tint Utah 3D carbon fiber wrap is a self-adhesive, thin, embossed carbon fiber film that looks like real carbon fiber when installed! It is made out of high-end, durable material that stretches and conforms to any shape or surface. We offer variety of color choices including black, silver, transparent/clear, white, blue, red, pink.

Don’t sacrifice your paint job! Protect your paint by using our stylish film. Our carbon fiber wrap is weather tested for all the elements including heat, cold, rain and even wind. Wind tests have been performed at 200 MPH to ensure this product is fit for use by racing cars, even though it’s affordable enough for the average car owner.

Vinyl, Not Paint

The thing is, it’s not paint. It’s a car wrap. Until now, consumers haven’t had much choice in how their cars looked. But now Pro Tint Utah gives you tons of designs to choose from, or you can design your own. Want something completely unique? We can design a custom wrap! Vinyl vehicle wraps are removable.

Tired of the design or want to sell your car? Just peel it off. No sticky mess. And no, it won’t hurt your paint. So go ahead. Go crazy! Express Yourself with a full body wrap from Pro Tint Utah!

Northern Utah’s Car Wrap Experts

Pro Tint is Utah’s expert in paint protection, window tinting and vinyl vehicle wrapping. Our expert technicians take the time to ensure perfection. We have a wide selection of gloss and matte vinyl, metal finishes, carbon fiber vinyl and more.

Our services are the ultimate in customization for cars, trucks, SUVs and commercial vehicles. If you can imagine it, the Pro Tint team can create it just for you. From camo to chrome, our versatile 3M Scotchprint® wrap film will make your vehicle turn heads.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment for Salt Lake City car wraps, contact us today.

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