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Car Tint Pricing & Benefits

Tint Benefits

Reduces Heat

We all know how hot it can get when a car sits in the sun for an extended period of time. The solar control properties found in automotive window films can greatly reduce the level of heat gain inside a car providing more comfort for the driver and passengers. Additionally, this heat reduction will lead to better fuel efficiency because car owners can rely less on air conditioning to provide comfort. Our Films have heat rejections of up to 86%.

Reduces Glare

The presence of glare while driving is not only distraction but dangerous as well. Window film does an excellent job at minimizing the level of annoying glare entering a car window. This will improve vision and safety and help prevent strain on the eyes. Our films will reduce the glare by up to 89%.

Blocks UV Rays

It has been proven that UV rays from the sun can cause serious damage to the skin as well as increase fading on interior car furnishings such as dashboards, seats, floor mats, and stereo equipment. Automotive window films help to reduce the level of interior fading and protect skin by blocking up to 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.



Quality star-5

Performance star-5

SPF star-5

Nano Ceramic Film Series combines the power of timeless raw materials and nanotechnology.

Ceramic nano particles create a deeper black that won’t make your windows look like mirrors. Nano Ceramic premium technology absorbs energy from the sun instead of reflecting light and radio waves like some other films.


Quality star-5

Performance star-3

No SPF Protection

Our mid grade film is 3m color stable. Lifetime warranty backed buy one of the largest tint manufacturer. It gives you the benefits of a true carbon based film, good heat rejection, a great true black appearance from the outside and a neutral grey appearance from the inside. It is the most popular film chosen if appearance is the number one reason for tinting your car.


Quality star-3

Performance star-2

No SPF Protection

Standard film is basically the tint that has been available for many years. The appearance from the outside will be a basic smoked glass, from the inside it has a subtle brown color. It has a lifetime warranty including color change and will not turn purple. It will help keep your car cool but is on the low end as far as heat rejection.

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