vehicle risks UV rays

Vehicle Risks Posed by the Sun’s UV Rays

There are a few common threats to the appearance and integrity of your vehicle, and one of these you should be well aware of is UV rays from the sun. Sunlight that hits the outside of your car can be as high as 195 degrees Fahrenheit, or as high as 145 on the interior, and these high temperatures can pose several risks you should be aware of — but there are also simple solutions to avoid these.

At Pro Tint Utah, we’re happy to provide these simple solutions in the form of our window tinting, paint protection and other products that keep vehicles protected from not only the sun, but also several other potential threats or risks that may be present. What are the ways the sun may be damaging your vehicle, and how do our products help? Here’s a primer.

Interior Fading

When you’re parked in the sun, the interior of your vehicle is exposed to UV rays that can damage not only the aesthetics of your vehicle, but also its finishes. Leather and vinyl surfaces are especially vulnerable to fading and discoloration from exposure to sunlight, which is why it’s critical you take steps like adding window tinting or paint protection to mitigate this.

You can also use window shades and seat covers to assist you here, but window tint is the most efficient and when it comes to the UV rays themselves, nothing beats real window film. We have several different varieties of this, including Ceramic Films that are used on high end luxury vehicles, and other Tint Film options — all featuring varying levels of darkness in order for you to choose what’s best for your needs.

Paint Damage

Aside from fading and discoloration of the interior, paint damage is another common side effect of sun exposure. Again, high temperatures from direct sunlight can warp or temper paints that are not properly protected — and if you don’t get sufficient coverage with clear bra or other products, more costly repairs may be required down the road.

Baked-On Dirt

And if there’s significant dirt on your vehicle while the sun is beating down on it, you risk the intense heat acting like an oven — and all that dirt will bake onto your car, becoming much harder to remove. Abrasive cleaners may have a tough time removing this kind of dirt, so it’s important to take steps against baked-on dirt as well.

Solutions Available

Luckily, as we noted above, we have the solution for any and all of these problems. Our window tinting solutions stop UV rays from entering your vehicle at such hot temperatures, maintaining the quality of seats and other materials; paint protection products installed by our team will stop the sun from baking dirt onto your vehicle, plus will prevent any paint damage or other concerns.

For more on these products or any of our other services, speak to the staff at Pro Tint Utah today.