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Interior Vinyl Wraps

You’ve heard of exterior car wraps but did you know that Pro Tint offers interior vinyl car wraps for our clients in and around Salt Lake City?

Is your car’s trim dated, dull or discolored? Or maybe you would prefer a different interior color scheme for your ride. Whatever your motivation might be, our team of experts will deliver for you.

Interior wraps are a great way to add some life to a boring interior. We offer a collection of different finishes including different shades of carbons and brushed metals. Why purchase all-new trim pieces when you can get them wrapped for less?

white steering wheel accents
white carbon vinyl accents
white carbon fiber accents
pink car accents

Why Get an Interior Car Wrap?

At Pro Tint, we can wrap almost any – or all – of your car’s interior trip. Change to color of your steering wheel or add texture to your dashboard. Add bold splashes of color or create the understated elegance your classic car had in its heyday.

Durable and long-lasting, interior wrapping will protect your car’s trip from fading, scratching or deteriorating in the sun. No one will ever believe that the perfect, seamless result you get comes from vinyl car wrapping.

brushed vinyl accents
vinyl wrap by press start button
carbon fiber vinyl center console
center console

Expert Interior Vinyl Vehicle Wraps in Salt Lake City

As you might imagine, interior vehicle wrapping requires knowledge and expertise to get the job done right. At Pro Tint, we’ve got the skills you need when only the best work will do.

We use high-tech 3M Scotchprint® products for great looking, long-lasting results. You can choose from a variety of metal tones, finishes and textures to get a truly custom result. Our installation experts will transform your vehicle’s interior quickly and professionally for a price so low it might shock you.

If you’re in the metropolitan Salt Lake City area, contact Pro Tint today to learn more about interior vinyl car wraps.

vinyl color options

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