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Exterior Vinyl Wraps

Need a new paint job? Want to add your own personal touch to your ride? Vinyl wraps are a great way to bring style toanycar! Our vinyl wraps come in a variety of colors and finishes which allows you to create the custom look that you want. Whether you want to put your personal flavor through subtle accents or change the appearance of your car entirely – vinyl wraps are a great way to set your car apart.

Our team will take the necessary care in order to ensure your vinyl wrap has a great fit. The fit on our vinyl wraps is perfect – people will think you just paid thousands of dollars for a custom paint job. Another benefit of vinyl wraps is that they can provide additional protection to the finish of your vehicle from sun damage and rock chips.

Vinyl car wraps from Pro Tint are perfect for giving your car an eye-catching facelift. Why spends thousands – or tens of thousands – of dollars on a new paint job when you can get a truly custom look with a vinyl wrap?

The expert team at Pro Tint will design, cut and apply your vinyl wrap to ensure quality and customization through every step of the process. As your northern Utah auto wrap expert, you won’t find better quality or pricing than you will with the Pro Tint team.

Pick and choose which parts…

carbon vinyl wrap on mirror
vinyl wrap on audi emblem
carbon vinyl wrap on roof

…or wrap your whole car!

car ith blue metallic vinyl wrap
black brushed metal wrapped car
red car with black vinyl wrapped hood

Salt Lake City Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

Of all the ways you can spend your heard-earned cash, few provide the stellar results and return on investment that vehicle wraps do. Your wrapped car, truck, SUV or van will look like new while protecting the pain finish on your vehicle.

Choose your colors and finishes and the decide whether you want to wrap the whole vehicle or add specific accents.

We offer several finishes – including gloss, matte, satin, carbon fiber and brushed metal – and dozens of vivid colors that range from metal tones to primary colors and pastels. We truly have something for everyone.

Our Vinyl Car Wrap Quality is Incredible!

At Pro Tint, we recognize the value of adding vinyl car wraps to your vehicles. They are highly cost-effective, versatile and durable. At the same time, they won’t harm your car’s paint and you can remove your wraps at any time – and replace with a new color.

Although it might look easy, car wrapping requires experience and a collection of specialty tools to get the job done right. Utah’s road hazards and weather challenges will quickly turn a lower-quality wrap job into an unsightly mess.

With a wealth of experience and the best-in-class 3M Scotchprint® Wrap Film materials, our team will turn your dingy or boring paint job into a stunning finish you’ll want to show off. Contact Pro Tint today for more information about Utah vinyl car wraps.

car ith blue metallic vinyl wrap
vinyl wrap colors

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