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Premier Anti Fog Solution

The technology behind anti fog mirror Salt Lake City has advanced rapidly over the last ten years. The concept was initially as a solution for refrigerator doors and display cases. Today’s cutting edge technology, however, allows for a wider spectrum of applications.

Pro Tint Utah is the primary source of this next generation of anti fog mirror in Utah. Technologically advanced and more affordable than ever, our effective solutions can bring you a fog free Utah window.

Improved Protection, Clear Visibility

Anti-fog can be applied to any relatively flat glass surface to prevent fogging due to differences in humidity and air temperature. Fogging often occurs when tiny droplets of water form on a surface and obscure visibility. So, you need to have an anti fog solution that is hydrophobic. This eliminates excessive moisture, and sheets it out invisibly on the coated surface resulting in a clear, fog free Salt Lake City mirror surface.

Previously, a Utah mirror with efficient anti-fog solutions could only be achieved effectively with the use of a thick 10 mil film. Pro Tint Utah’s new product, on the other hand, is only 4 mil (0.1mm) thick, giving your windows a much improved lamination and protection. It is no longer a polycarbonate substrate as our anti-fog solution is PET-based. A new adhesive also eliminates tiger striping caused by temperature changes and leaves no residue on the glass when removed.

Long-Term Performance & Savings

Quality is the main thrust of our business. With our attention to detail and level of expertise, clients can expect only the best kind of service from us. Our line of anti-fog solutions offers long-term performance that includes resistance to scratch, impact, chemical. Our product also has reliable printability and anti-static properties.

Bathroom Mirrors & Shower Doors

Anti-fog can be applied to any reasonably flat, glass or polycarbonate surface. These include mirrors, windows, shower doors, steam room doors, and just about anywhere that is subject to fogging.

Bathroom fixtures are one of the main applications of our anti fog solutions. Improve your bathroom interiors with a cleaner, clearer mirrors and shower doors. Our anti fog solution prevents these fixtures from fogging, giving your bathroom a more elegant look.

Automobiles & Mirrors & Glass

Pro Tint Utah’s anti-fog product ensures improved protection to side view mirrors, door windows and most automobile windshields. As a clearer view means a safer driving experience, it pays to make sure your car windows do not fog. Our anti-fog solutions also provide an extra layer of protection against shattering in the event of an accident. With our premier line of quality anti fog, you can eliminate the danger and frustration of having a foggy windshield for good.

Get in touch with us now to know more about anti-fog products. Our team of window experts would be more than happy to serve you.

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